The Case 8oz

The Case -- 36-Pack of 8 oz. Fresh Gear

Recommended for an entire athletic department -- when multiple teams are playing during the same season. Make Fresh Gear a part of their kit at the start of the season (or pre-season). Ask about refill options from Fresh Gear for your team. Subscribe for your team and get a 36-Pack every month.

For the family, a case could be passed out to relatives or given stored for future use. Bulk shopping at its finest. One in the mud room, one in their bags, one in the car, one at the cottage, one with the cleaning supplies; wherever you like. 

Concentrated for best use, an 8 oz. bottle of Fresh Gear should last for at least 45 days (1-2 sprays per day). Order today for your team or household at a 20% discount per bottle.

36 @ 8 oz. Bottles

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