Formulator & Head Chemist

Dean Wiltse

As a successful businessman, Pat Conroy has always looked for opportunities to fuel his “Entrepreneurial Spirit.” It was this drive that led Pat to recognize a business opportunity with his friend Dean Wiltsie. Dean is the number three licensed microbrewer in the State of Michigan and owns Wiltsie’s Brew Pub in Oscoda, Michigan. 

While Dean is an accomplished microbrewer and restaurateur, his love of challenges and skill in chemistry prompted him and fellow chemist Thomas York to establish Enviro-Brite Solutions, Inc., a custom chemical formulation company. Over the past 20 plus years, Enviro-Brite Solutions has formulated and created a wide variety of cleaning and degreasing products for the commercial, industrial, and institutional market including Fresh Gear, “The Ultimate Odor Eliminator.”

Dean and Thomas created Fresh Gear because they understood the fact that most parents and athletes accept equipment odor as part of the sport, not realizing that it’s the potentially harmful bacteria that causes the odor. As former athletes and coaches and strong advocates for “Athletes Health and Wellness,” Dean and Thomas identified the need for an effective but simple to use spray product that would quickly attack the harmful bacteria and foul odors associated with athlete’s equipment.

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