About Us

Fresh Gear is for EVERY Athlete (and every athlete's mom)

Fresh Gear was developed for hockey players, by hockey players, for hockey moms. Developed to be used specifically for hockey gloves, Fresh Gear has expanded and proven to deodorize (combined with 70% disinfecting Isopropanol as an active ingredient) chest pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin pads, in skate boots and hockey bags at every level.

Since our development for hockey, Fresh Gear has proved itself in most other sports, a variety of industries and demographics (ie. talking to you soccer and volleyball and lacrosse moms). 

We want a bottle of Fresh Gear in every locker, every bag, every mud room and every glovebox/trunk in America. 

We understand that there's nothing quite like a good workout, but nothing can ruin the experience faster than smelly (maybe mildewy) sports equipment. It can also pose a serious health risk. That's why we created Fresh Gear - the safe, affordable, environmentally friendly and effective solution to eliminate odors caused by sweat, bacteria, and other environmental factors. 

Our exclusive, proprietary formula works to eliminate malodors and provide long-lasting odor elimination, unlike anything else on the market. 

Check our special offers for team discounts, subscriptions and fundraising opportunities. 

Contact us today and make your gear healthy gear tomorrow!